Refrigeration Fans & Assemblies

Refrigeration Fans & Assemblies


Wellington's airflow solutions combine with our motors to give you quiet, efficient air movement

ECF Axial Fanpack

Wellington has partnered with fluid dynamics specialists Pax Scientific to develop unique axial fanpack technology. Using "biomimetic" techniques to create airflow which follows the natural vortical shapes seen in nature, our ECF™ fanpacks' patented 3D sculpted blades guide the air gently without noise-inducing eddies.

ECF fanpacks provide better efficiency than normal fans and baskets. And they are quieter too, thanks to fewer blades for reduced edge noise, and vibration-absorbing "living hinges" on the motor mount.

ECF fanpacks are made from high specification impact-strengthened polymers. They are suitable for both condenser and evaporators, including low temperature evaporators.

They are available in high and low power versions with ECR01 motors, or in a low-cost fixed speed version with ECR82/92 motors.

ECF Fanpack

Crossflow fan assemblies

Crossflow (or tangential) fans are ideal when a wide, narrow air curtain is needed, or where packaging space is very tight.

Wellington's 60mm crossflow fan assemblies are available in lengths from 180-300mm, fitted with any ECR motor model. Double-coated versions with enhanced corrosion resistance are also available.

ECR with crossflow fan

Axial Impellers

Wellington offers a range of metal and plastic impellers in 150-250mm (6-10") sizes, including high efficiency low noise biomimetic designs. We can supply these either separately or in motor-fan-basket assemblies.

High performance axial Impeller

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