Wellington's Solutions for Retrofit Connectivity

Wellington's Solutions for Retrofit Connectivity


SCS Connect Controller

The SCS™ Click connectivity device is the upgrade solution for older model coolers fitted with Elstat® EMS controllers. The SCS Click device simply plugs into the data port of the EMS controller, upgrading it to be compatible with Wellington's SCS Connect System cooler connectivity platform.

SCS Click devices are compatible with most Elstat EMS models. They are not compatible with Elstat Nexo controllers, or controllers from other manufacturers. Contact us for further details.

Connectivity for your existing coolers

With SCS Click, you can manage the legacy coolers in your fleet as well as the new ones. The SCS Click device records cooler temperature, door swings, motion events, and diagnostic events output from the EMS controller, and provides asset tracking information via Wellington's Connect SCS System mobile apps. SCS Click also acts as a proximity marketing beacon for in-store consumer engagement activity.

SCS Field app on Smartphone

Benefit from a single connectivity solution

SCS telemetry system

SCS Click retrofit devices are fully compatible with Wellington's other products. All  Connect SCS System mobile apps work seamlessly with SCS Click equipped coolers, and the cloud back end and management portal also work just like they do for SCS Connect controllers*.

SCS Click equipped coolers are also completely compatible with our iProximity proximity marketing solutions.

*  Due to limitations of the EMS controller, not all information logged by SCS Connect controllers is available via SCS Click

Easy In-Field Upgrades

Upgrading an EMS-equipped cooler is as simple as plugging it in and pushing a few buttons. No specialist skill is needed, and the cooler does not even need to be switched off. Upgrades can be done by your sales or distribution staff on their regular store visits. Once installed, SCS Click devices are hidden behind the EMS controller's data port cover and are not vulnerable to theft or damage.

SCS Click installed

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