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This page contains user manuals and software download links for SCS™ devices and SCS Connect System™ fleet management tools. If you can’t find what you need here, please contact us.


SCS Connect User Manual: This manual describes the functions and parameters of the SCS Connect controller.

SCS Connect Installation Process Manual: This manual describes the steps and tools necessary to install and configure an SCS Connect controller in the factory.

SCS Click User Manual: This manual describes the functions of the SCS Click retrofit device, and the process of installing and configuring it in the field.

Asset Tracking User Manual: This manual describes the installation and use of the Connect Track mobile application.

Software Downloads

Note: All the applications listed below will not work without an activation code. To get your activation code, contact your IT department  or, for customers conducting evaluations only, contact us.

SCS Connect Report:

This is the application for viewing and visualising telemetry data stored in the Wellington Cloud. Available for:

MAC desktop versions are in Beta – contact us for download link.

SCS Connect Field: 

This is the application for cooler diagnostics and for setting and viewing cooler parameters and ID data.

The desktop (Windows) version of this application can also be used for creating and managing new parameter files.

Available for:

Note that to use this application on Windows, a specified external Bluetooth dongle is required. Refer to manual for details.

SCS Connect Track:

This is the application for picking up telemetry data from the cooler and transferring it to the cloud. Available for:

There is no Windows version of this application.

SCS Cradle Programmer:

This is the application for programming parameters and ID information into SCS controllers on the cooler assembly line. Available for:

SCS OEM Dashboard

This application allows equipment manufacturers to track SCS-equipped equipment while in production. Available for

SCS User Manager:

This application allows manufacturers and fleet owners to manage which users can access their equipment and what level of access they have.

Available for Windows only. For security reasons direct download is not permitted – contact us to request a copy.