Corporate Social Responsibility

ecovadisWellington has been awarded a Silver Medal for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices from EcoVadis.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • A concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their operations and their interaction with their stakeholders.
  • This is through transparent and ethical behaviour on a voluntary basis.             

Who is EcoVadis:

  • Is an online platform that provides CSR ratings and scorecards.
  • It provides companies a common basis to assess suppliers.
  • It provides companies with a recognised CSR rating to promote their brand.
  • To date, they have assessed over 50,000 companies worldwide.

The Assessment:

  • This required Wellington to complete a question on CSR and provide supporting documentation.
  • The assessment focused on 4 themes:
    • Environment
    • Labour & Human Rights
    • Ethics
    • Sustainable Procurement

The Results:

  • Wellington was awarded a Silver Medal by EcoVadis in recognition of its CSR performance.
  • Our performance put us in the top 19% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in our industry sector.