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At Wellington, our mission statement is to create trusted technology for the real world, and we believe that by placing our technology in every food and beverage location, we can help modernise the way products are delivered to consumers.

Every decision we make is informed by our system of four core values, outlined below.

Global team photo - Connect SCS hits one million


We deliver solutions that are tailormade for each client, and work hard to be responsive to our client’s needs. We can be flexible in how and where we work, and we strive to meet customer needs through adaptive processes.


We are passionate about creativity, and embracing new ideas and theories. We don’t take uncalculated risks, but we are solutions-driven, and therefore will not hesitate to find better ways to approach a problem.


When it comes to respect, it’s important to us that it’s both internal and external. That means we make sure to have respect for each other within the company, and our customers, suppliers and partners. We also believe that being respectful for the environment is a key part of being externally respectful.


We champion flawless delivery in all our pursuits, outstanding customer service, and doing everything it takes to meet our commitments. To achieve this, we work hard to both be trustworthy, and place our trust in others, both internally and externally. Ultimately, true excellence comes from cooperation.