Wellington Refrigerator Fan Motors

Wellington Refrigerator Fan Motors


 Wellington's EC motors and air movement solutions are efficient, reliable, easy to use, and economical.

EC Refrigeration Fan Motors

ECR series refrigeration fan motor


Our ECR® Series motors are drop-in replacements for shaded pole Q-frame and unit bearing motors used in display cases, bottle coolers, and food service cabinets. ECR motors are available in powers up to 25W, and are suitable for driving axial fans from 150-250mm (6-10"). ECR motors offer efficiency up to 70%, and an operating life of over 10 years.


Refrigeration Fan Assemblies

Refrigeration Fan Assemblies

Wellington offers a range of axial fan assemblies featuring ECR motors. Our ECF™ Series axial fanpacks feature patented biomimetic airflow technology, giving low noise and high performance.


Fractional Horsepower Ventilation Fan Motors

Fractional Horsepower ventilation fan ECMs

Through our supply chain partners, Wellington can supply OEMs with customised shaded pole and PSC fractional horsepower fan motors in 3.3", 95mm, 42, 48, and 56 Frame sizes, and ECMs in 95mm Frame.

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 AirMoVent Shaded Pole Q-motors

Shaded Pole Q-motors

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For customers wanting the economy of shaded pole motors with the certainty of a reputable supplier, Wellington offers Q frame (84mm) shaded pole fan motors under our AirMoVent™ brand. For more information, see the Airmovent Catalogue.