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 Connect SCS System™ is a Cloud based fleet management system for Point of Sale refrigeration equipment. It shows you where your equipment is and what it’s doing, so you can focus on generating more sales and reducing operating costs. Data is gathered by Wellington’s Connect SCS refrigeration control and low cost telemetry solution. Connect SCS System includes tools for asset tracking, sales growth, improving fleet deployment, performance monitoring, smart maintenance and consumer engagement.

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Increase Your Sales

  • Identify star locations and those needing work
  • Deploy the right cooler for the demand
  • Visualise your geographic footprint to identify gaps in your coverage
  • Measure the effects of local marketing activity
  • Identify bad in-store practices
  • Minimise unhappy consumers by quickly identifying and fixing cooler temperature issues and faults
  • Optimise the performance of your sales network
  • Launch location-based marketing campaigns using the iBeacon® capability of Connect SCS™ controllers (learn more here)

Reduce Your Costs

  • Reduce audit costs by having an accurate, up to date, asset registry
  • Reduce equipment losses by seeing when coolers “drop out of sight”
  • Reduce fleet size through better deployment
  • Keep HACCP log data to reduce food safety liability and compliance issues
  • Optimise your fleet replacement and refurbishment schedule
  • Reduce maintenance costs through preventive maintenance, better planning, reduced training and faster, more effective callouts

A Robust, Low Cost Solution for the "Last Mile"

Wellington’s Connect SCS System provides the telemetry connection to SCS controllers using the built-in Bluetooth capability of smartphones carried by the sales and distribution staff of you or your retail customers.

Bluetooth is a well proven and universal wireless communication system. Unlike GPRS or proprietary wireless solutions, it requires no new infrastructure and does not lock you in to a telco or network supplier. It also has the advantage of working in situations where there is no coverage, such as rural environments or in large buildings. In these situations data is simply stored on the phone until it re-enters coverage.

Because Connect SCS System telemetry uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, it has minimal effect on smartphone battery life. And the amount of data used is minimal – only 1-3 kb per cooler per day.

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SCS Connect Controller

SCS Connect Controller

Solutions for both new build and retrofit

Wellington’s Connect SCS controller  is the best solution for fitting to a cooler during manufacturing or refurbishment. Since it controls the cooler as well as monitoring it, it knows what the cooler should  be doing as well as what it actually is doing. So using an  Connect SCS controller as the connectivity device provides the maximum possible amount of diagnostic information. Plus unlike battery powered connectivity devices, SCS Connect controllers last the life of the cooler and cannot be removed without disabling the cooler.

For existing coolers fitted with  Elstat™ EMS controllers, Wellington's SCS Click™ retrofit device can upgrade the cooler to provide connectivity, Connect SCS System compatibility, and proximity marketing capability. Upgrading is easy - the cooler doesn't even need to be swiched off - and SCS Click devices are compatible with all  Connect SCS System apps.

Secure and Futureproof

Your data, and your equipment, is protected every step of the way. Communication is encrypted and password protected. Access to all apps is restricted by User ID, and apps can only access coolers from a matching fleet. Ability to change cooler settings is controlled by a multi-level authorisation system.

Connect SCS System is not tied to any particular telemetry method – as better technology becomes economical you will be able to upgrade without losing database information.

Wellington's cloud database is hosted and secured by Amazon Web Services, giving you the security of knowing the Cloud and mobile building blocks are supported by some of the world’s largest software corporations.

Wellington is committed to ongoing development and growth of the Connect SCS  System. New features will be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

SCS Cloud Security

A Solution you can Afford

Connect SCS System is a cloud-based system. There is no need for you to develop expensive enterprise software, and no large upfront costs.

Capital cost is low, because we use your staff’s smartphones to avoid the need for expensive telemetry hardware on the equipment. An SCS controller costs a similar amount to other premium controllers, and even aside from the telemetry function, is much more capable.

Data is free. There are no ongoing telco charges - you don’t even need a data plan for your phones if you don’t have one already. Wellington only charge for looking after the data and turning it into useful information.


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