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Unparalleled product quality and safety

Give your consumers the best possible experience by ensuring the quality you put in is maintained until each product is consumed.

Reduce product shrinkage and crystallization with temperature monitoring for your fleet of commercial ice cream fridges and dairy-product coolers. Our advanced, predictive maintenance diagnostics reduce downtime and help prevent equipment failure.

Wellington Connect IoT monitors temperatures and provides valuable insights into retailer behaviors that lead to a poor consumer experience with your products.

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Wellington enables you to do the following.

  • Track and manage assets: reduce branded equipment loss and automate auditing processes.
  • Manage your operation: control product quality, track out of stocks, and gain visibility into damaging retailer behavior and habits.
  • Track technical and commercial performance: verify equipment productivity, provide better service with remote diagnostics, faster on-site troubleshooting, and increase the rate of first-time fix.
  • Improve customer engagement: earn store space by providing some control over equipment and demonstrating profitability metrics over electricity consumption.
  • Increase consumer engagement: turn every asset into a point of sale that accesses your consumers directly via digital promotions and content sharing, influencing them at the point of decision.
Servicing and maintenance

Protect your brand

Make all your product distribution efforts count! Wellington Connect IoT gives unparalleled visibility into what is happening in the retail environment, helping you ensure the best possible product experience for consumers.

  • Set live alerts when temperatures are out of specification.
  • Track equipment health so you can act before it fails.
  • Gain visibility into retailer behaviors to educate customers on how to improve product quality.

Our solutions for the diary and ice cream industry

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