Three million small steps to a better planet 

Since the launch of Wellington’s ECR® 2 motor in late 2016, it has constantly exceeded our customers’ expectations. As a result of their continued adoption, the Company is delighted to announce that the three millionth ECR 2 has rolled off the production line.  

Customers embrace the ECR 2 as a quieter, more energy-efficient airflow solution. The currently deployed ECR 2s have cumulative energy savings of an impressive 2.2TWh over an equivalent number of shaded pole motors. And since Wellington began, the Company’s energy-efficient technology has saved over 18.6TWh of energy, equivalent to powering the global energy requirements of the world for about 6.5 hours*. 

Greg Balla, Wellington’s CEO, commented, “To reach the three million milestone on our ECR 2 is a fantastic achievement. I am immensely proud of our team, who are determined to positively impact the planet by creating innovative solutions that help our customers save energy and use their resources effectively. The success of the high tech ECR 2 motor is a credit to both our team at Wellington and our innovative customers.” 

ECR 2 motors are globally adopted by beverage cooler manufacturers, food and beverage brands, supermarket chains and medical refrigeration manufacturers, all looking for an innovative, efficient and reliable motor to quietly power their refrigeration fleets. As the ECR 2 accepts variable input voltage, it works anywhere on the planet. This has reduced one OEM manufacture’s motor warehousing stock requirements by a ratio of 57:1. In addition, they are proven to be up to 99.97% reliable in the field, and their variable voltage capability means that the motor works anywhere in the world. The ECR 2 motor is capable of handling a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications. Its impressive range of advantages and features include: 

  • 4.5dBA quieter than other motors on the market, without compromising efficiency; 
  • multi-voltage capability, meaning customers can use one product in any country; 
  • IP67 environmental protection, meaning it is tested waterproof to one metre, essential in wet refrigeration applications; 
  • an over-temperature capability, which allows airflow to continue in the most extreme environmental conditions;  
  • high power factor (up to 0.95), essential for larger supermarkets to ensure the lowest possible power consumption and thus utility bills; 
  • ATEX compliant, so suitable for use with flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbon; 
  • can be supplied using materials compatible with the US and European food contact regulations, giving increased flexibility in foodservice applications.

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