Wellington customer, Gepp raises the bar in sustainability

One of Mexico’s largest beverage and food companies, Gepp has taken out WellingtonDrive Technologies’ (“Wellington”) annual sustainability award. 

As New Zealand’s leading IoT company in fleet inventory management and commercial refrigeration solutions, Wellington looks around its customers to recognize global excellence in carbon reduction and other sustainability savings. 

Gepp won the award in recognition of its 369,933 tCO2 carbon reduction, driven by a 824GWh power saving over eight years after adopting Wellington’s ECR® 2 motor technology*. The motor was installed across Gepp’s 126,000 stores and saved the company energy equivalent to 37,343 car trips around the world, resulting in a 1,545 million pesos (NZD$105.85m) electricity cost reduction*. 

NZ Trade & Enterprise’s Commercial Commissioner for Mexico, Rhianon Berry, and Wellington’s CEO, Greg Balla, jointly awarded Gepp the sustainability award at a virtual ceremony today. 

Wellington’s CEO Greg Balla has applauded the team at Wellington for this monumental result. “I am immensely proud of our team, who are determined to positively impact the planet by creating innovative solutions that save energy and use their resources effectively.” 

The New Zealand Embassy in Mexico has also recognized Gepp’s achievement. They explain that Gepp, in conjunction with Wellington, has brought a direct benefit to people and the planet, reflecting the values that govern the New Zealand people. 

“New Zealand companies, such as Wellington, have shown that their solutions can help other companies around the world overcome great challenges such as energy savings,” said Rhianon Berry, NZTE Commercial Commissioner for Mexico and Central America. 

Jorge Civeira, Wellington’s Sales General Manager for the North Latin America region, says they are delighted with Gepp’s achievement. 

“We are proud to recognize Gepp for its commitment and effort on integrating sustainable technologies in its coolers equipment, benefiting each of its direct customers and the national effort for a future that combines economy and sustainability,” he shared. WT 9592 2 

Since the launch of Wellington’s ECR 2 motor in 2016, customers worldwide have embraced this highly efficient, environmentally friendly refrigeration solution. In August this year, thethreemillionth ECR 2 motor rolled off the production line. 

The currently deployed ECR 2 motor has a cumulative energy savings of 2.2TWh compared with the same number of shaded pole motors. And since Wellington began, the Company’s energy-efficient technology has saved 18.6TWh of energy, enough to power the entire world for about 6.5 hours*. 

For more information on ECR 2 motors, please visit: https://www.wdtl.com/refirgeration-motors

*Comparative statistics sourced via https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator and https://yearbook.enerdata.net/electricity/world-electricity-production-statistics.html 


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Chief Executive Officer
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