Our History


WDTL PatentWellington was founded in 1986, as Clark Automotive Developments Ltd. The company specialised in power electronics, including Inductive Power Transfer technology. It also developed a novel design of ironless, slotless BLDC motor, which was patented in 1989. In 1996 the company changed its name to Wellington Drive Technologies Ltd, as it changed its strategy to focus on EC motors and their applications.

From the late 1990s until the mid 2000's, Wellington operated primarily as a technology development company, working with manufacturers in the appliance and other industries to license and apply its EC motor technology. By this time, the original patents had been superceded, and Wellington's technology was based on new developments in low-iron slotless motors and control systems. The company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 2001.

Wellington Head OfficeWe began manufacturing our own EC motors in 2001. By the mid 2000s we were primarily manufacturing and selling motors under our own brand, and technology licensing was becoming a secondary activity. Our first products were targeted at the domestic ventilation market, and we added refrigeration fan motors to the lineup in 2004, under the "ECR" brand. Since that date, we have supplied over 5 million ECR motors, and the company has grown rapidly, making the NZ Fast 50 and Technology Asia/Pacific Fast 500 indexes in 2007.

In 2011, we decided to focus exclusively on growing our successful commercial refrigeration business. We began to withdraw from the ventilation market, and to develop a range of "beyond the motor" technology products for the commercial refrigeration industry. This range now includes airflow solutions, refrigeration controls, and telemetry and refrigeration fleet management software.

Today Wellington has offices in 10 countries, and manages supply chain, logistics and R&D from its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.