Our People


Greg Allen

Greg Allen - Chief Executive Officer

At Wellington our priority is our customer; we take customer innovation, continuous improvement and service excellence seriously. It is the foundation of our future growth and profit performance and we all strive to deliver value to our stakeholders every day. As Wellington’s CEO, my focus is ensuring we grow our company profitably and I am excited by the challenge of developing innovative, energy efficient refrigeration solutions and partnering with our customers to meet the needs of the retail brands. I get a real kick out of working with teams who have a passion for developing new solutions; solutions that are making a difference. Prior to my role at Wellington I have spent 23 years working internationally and gaining experience in business development, supply chain, engineering and manufacturing organisations. In my personal life I love spending time travelling with my family, eating great food (which is why I also love trail running and weightlifting), and I don’t really like gardening that much.

Howard Milliner

Howard Milliner - Chief Financial Officer

As Wellington’s CFO, my contribution is to provide financial leadership to the business in support of the strategic direction. I am responsible for ensuring that strategic planning and decision making are supported by sound financial analysis and for ensuring that our business managers have the information they need to help their customers effectively. This is really interesting and challenging work and you know that if done well you have made a difference. Previous roles in financial management as CEO / CFO of a listed manufacturing business and in a “big 4” firm in NZ and the UK has equipped me with the skills and experience required to add real value to Wellington for its customers and stakeholders. Outside of work I love travelling with family and any spare time left I spend on the golf course.

Steve Hodgson

Steve Hodgson - Senior Vice President, Commercial

At Wellington I am fulfilling a long-held ambition to be part of a team that grows a small company into a very large one. I am also getting the chance to test some of my theories that the advance of communications and computer technology over the last 30 years will enable a small company like Wellington to be a disruptive competitor by being faster, smarter and substantially more flexible and customer friendly than its large and well established competitors. Prior to embarking on the adventure with Wellington I spent almost 20 years in the finance industry with roles in stock broking and funds management organisations. After four years as Wellington’s CFO, in 2013 I was given the challenge of ‘walking the growth talk’ and leading Wellington’s sales and supply chain teams: my background as an analyst has left me qualified to really listen to customers, and understand, sometimes better than they do, how Wellington can improve their competitive edge . The only thing in my life as complex, interesting and fun as Wellington are my wife Linda and my two daughters, Lara and Jemima aged 13 and 11, who one way or another, occupy most of my non-work time.

David Howell

David Howell - Chief Technical Officer

My job as Wellington’s CTO is to connect the tech to the business: pushing our technical capability and product range ahead while making sure they’re connected to customer needs and to profitable growth opportunities. I’m excited by the ability of technology and smart design to solve people’s problems, and by leading and working with a great team of engineers. And I love coming to work every day knowing that as an energy-efficient products company, in some little way we’re trying to make the world a better place. I’ve been with Wellington off and on since 1999, and my name is on many of the core patents; before that I worked in product development roles in the appliance and automotive industries, in NZ and overseas. Outside work, I’m a (bad) windsurfer and a car nut; I race a muscle car and commute in an EV.

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes - Quality Group Leader

As the Quality Group Leader my focus is on improving our customers experience through the implementation and management of an effective quality management system which incorporates strong customer focus and continuous improvement principles. I was with Wellington for 10 years in various different engineering positions before taking on the quality role, so I have a very good understanding of the product and the customers' needs, and am highly motivated to ensure we deliver on our promises every time.  Prior to working at Wellington I worked at a small start up company where we developed an electronic shower for domestic applications. Joining the Wellington team has fulfilled my desire to develop a product that is used by millions of people, unfortunately now I can’t pass a bottle cooler without looking inside to see if it contains a Wellington motor. In my spare time I indulge my love of the mountain and sea by spending the winter skiing on the active volcano, Mt Ruapehu and during the summer months I am usually found on the white sand beaches of the beautiful Coromandel peninsular.

Gerardo Gonzalez

Gerardo Gonzalez - VP and GM, Intelligent Systems Business Unit

At Wellington, my job is to connect the brand, bottler and OEM’S needs with our technical core competencies in developing new Intelligent Solutions. I love interacting with our customers; nothing is more satisfying than to offer new and exciting technology that disrupts the market and that makes a still small firm (like us) a trusted partner and consultant to the biggest and most well known brands in the world. Wellington is a “fast and furious” company that wants to go big fast, and being part of a team like this is a first for me. Before joining Wellington I have had sales, strategy and management roles in the FMCG industry. I worked mostly in the Americas and EMEA, covering everything from selling carbonated soft drinks and snacks to implementing energy efficient technology. In my personal time I enjoy spending time with my wife (Celina) and four-year-old girl (Celinita), traveling as far possible to new places with them, and enjoying the local food from places I get to visit. I am a big Formula 1 fan and practice racquetball every now and then.

Regional Leadership

Erick Layseca

Erick Layseca - Sales and Marketing Director, Americas

Wellington has been proactively focused in delivering products that always offer technological differentiation and represent a cost effective solution for innovation. I have had the opportunity to collaborate in Wellington for more than 6 years to transmit this message to the commercial refrigeration industry. As VP Business Development for Americas, I enjoy designing creative commercial ways and implementing effectively these products into coolers that are used every day in real life for consumers of soft drinks, beer, dairy products, meat products and perishables. Previously to Wellington, I graduated with Honours as Industrial and Systems Engineer, actively participated and became share holder of a Dairy Consulting Company; and then participated in one of the world largest bottler cooler manufacturer being in charge of the Supplier Development and International Commerce departments. All these exciting occupations helped me to gain extensive experience in business development and better understand the organisations immerse in a dynamic and evolving system. I feel the fascinating passion on my everyday activities resembling when I am mountain biking, scuba diving or hiking up to the summit of a volcano, of course reading, watching a movie and enjoying dinner with family is a great pleasure.

Ali Karahasanoglu

Ali Karahasanoglu - Sales and Marketing Director, EMEA

Our key focus is to partner with customers for their long term industry needs. On our journey we have noticed that there is a need in the commercial refrigeration industry for not only supplying products but also creating new industry solutions together. I am excited that we have started from zero and became one of the major industry players in a short period of time. Our team is relatively young and we are excited about learning and understanding the industry needs and delivering what is required. Prior to my role as being the EMEA Sales Director, I have been working in the IT industry and white goods appliance industry in various management roles. I joined Wellington over 10 years ago. In my personal life I enjoy spending time with my family and challenging my kids at ball games. Compared to others on the team, I really like gardening and have a special interest in food and cooking plus I’m a fan of trail running.

Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas – Sales and Marketing Director, Asia Pacific

As our commercial lead in Asia I am directing our key initiatives, in collaboration with customers, to drive Wellington’s long term growth and sustainability. I work with our team to engage customers on their current and future energy-efficient refrigeration requirements. I enjoy taking a dynamic approach to our customer relationships where we can partner in a transformational way to drive our businesses forward together. My ambition is to establish the most authentic and effective ways to promote our technology to our expanding customer base in Asia. Prior to joining Wellington I have worked with beverage dispensing technologies and sustainable energy solutions for the Food and Beverage and Marine industries. Having been living in China from 2007; my spare time is consumed playing basketball and travelling to different districts and provinces near Shanghai to enjoy the different sights, culture and traditions.

Board of Directors

Tony Nowell

Tony Nowell - Chairman

Mr Nowell was appointed a director of Wellington in March 2010 and Chairman in December 2010. He is an experienced company leader in major New Zealand and international businesses and also Chairs Scion (the New Zealand Forest Research Institute) and the Omega Lamb Primary Growth Partnership between the New Zealand Government and Primary Industry participants.  He is a board member of New Zealand Food Innovation (Auckland) and retired in 2017 from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand.  He represented New Zealand on the APEC Business Advisory Council from 2006 to 2016 and also in 2016 completed a six year term as a member of the Export Advisory Board of Business New Zealand.  Mr Nowell was formerly Chief Executive of Zespri International, and Griffin’s Foods Limited and the Deputy Chair of Leadership New Zealand.  Prior to returning to New Zealand business in 2000 from an extended period of international business experience, Mr Nowell was Regional Vice President of Sara Lee Asia, President Director of Sara Lee Indonesia and President Director of L'Oreal Indonesia.

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs

Dr Jacobs, a native of Belgium, holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland and a Master of Science in Materials Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, where she also completed a post graduate degree in Business Studies. Dr Jacobs has also completed the Executive General Management programme at CEDEP-INSEAD, France. Dr Jacobs is currently Executive Director International at UniServices, a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Auckland.  In this role Dr Jacobs is responsible for all international commercial activities that the University of Auckland undertakes.  She is a member of the board of Energia Pitoir, a joint venture between UniServices and Yunca that delivers technology solutions to the global aluminium industry.  Dr Jacobs is Chairwoman and Legal Representative of "The University of Auckland Innovation Institute China" in Hangzhou China, a Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity operating as the newly established commercialisation and innovation branch of UniServices.  Before taking up her current role Dr Jacobs was Director Strategy & Development at The Icehouse, following a 13 year career with global corporate Bekaert, a world market and technology leader in steel wire and steel cord products and applications. Dr Jacobs held a range of positions at Bekaert including in Business Development, Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and R&D Management both in Belgium and China.  Dr Jacobs is Honorary Consul of Belgium since August 2013.  Lisbeth was appointed as a director of Wellington in May 2013.

Gottfried Pausch

Gottfried Pausch

Mr Pausch currently serves as an independent director of McKay Ltd in Whangarei, Blackhawk Tracking Systems Ltd in Auckland and as Executive Chairman of Aucom Electronics Ltd in Christchurch and is a Director on one of the National Science Challenges, an Initiative of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE).  The Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge aims to tackle New Zealand's big high-tech challenges to grow the economy.  The research areas of focus cover materials, manufacturing and design; sensors, robotics and automation; and IT data analytics and modelling.  Gottfried was appointed a director of Wellington in December 2013.  Mr Pausch was the former CEO at Actronic Technologies and an Executive in Residence at The Icehouse, following a 22 year career with German engineering and electronics conglomerate Siemens, one of the world’s leading suppliers of a wide range of products, solutions and services in the field of technology, which included the roles of CEO Siemens Energy Services Ltd and Managing Director of Siemens New Zealand. Mr. Pausch holds an electrical engineering degree from Austria and a master's degree in Business Administration from Duke University in the USA. 

Mr John McMahon

John McMahon

Mr McMahon has over twenty years’ experience in the Australasian equity markets, predominantly as an equity analyst covering a range of industries including telecommunications, media, gaming, transport and industrials. He was a former Head of Research and Head of Equities for ABN AMRO NZ and was Managing Director of ASB Securities for three years. John now manages his own investment portfolio and is Chairman of NZAX-listed Solution Dynamics Ltd (SDL).  He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), an MBA and is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder.  John was appointed a director of Wellington in October 2014.