Proximity Marketing Solutions

Proximity Marketing Solutions


 Beacon technology lets you interact with your customers where it matters most - at their point of decision. Together with our partner iProximity, Wellington can help you to drive sales and customer loyalty with proximity based marketing.

All Wellington  SCS™ Connect series refrigeration controllers have built-in iBeacon and Eddystone proximity marketing beacons. Our back-end tools connect these beacons with your digital marketing initiatives. 


Create Engaging Customer Experiences

The key to influencing consumers' purchasing decisions is getting them to engage with your brand. By delivering exciting and personalised content to them right when it's most relevant, you can delight your customers, influence their behaviour, and strengthen their brand loyalty.

Whether you start with great product information, just in time digital coupon offers, or recommendations based on previous purchases, with a great engagement plan it can all lead to loyal, engaged customers who are true brand ambassadors.

Develop Powerful Customer Insights

Proximity marketing technology gives you powerful new insights about customer behaviour, including their daily routines, product interest, preferences and location.

Proximity-derived data can be combined with data about their online and mobile browsing history, previous activity and other knowledge from your CRM, allowing you to target your messaging specifically at the individual, and also to optimise your product, channel, and inventory mix to take your sales to the next level.

A Total  Solution 

Proximity marketing is not just about displaying advertising in response to beacons. Wellington offers a complete, enterprise-scale solution including:

  • iBeacon, Eddystone, QR code and NFC based proximity solutions
  • smart coupon generation, distribution, redemption and cancelling systems, including in-store redemption apps and integration with POS systems
  • visualisation of campaign statistics, including APIs for export to CRM systems 
  • integration of proximity with large-format digital media screens
  • advertising retargeting
  • access to over 30 years' experience in mobile and proximity marketing solutions

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Our Products:


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The iPX Platform connects your digital marketing afforts to your SCS™ beacons or other proximity devices. It lets you create campaigns which send content to consumers when they are near relevant SCS beacon equipped coolers.

Coolers for each campaign can be selected by outlet type, sales region, geography, brand, or other criteria you define, and campaigns can be allocated timeslots and repetition criteria. Cooler location and grouping information is automatically updated by the SCS Connect System as coolers (or other beacons) are redeployed. 

Campaign usage data can be analysed with the iPX platform or exported, to your CRM system for development of in-depth customer profiles.

The iPX platform can manage campaigns based not just on SCS beacons, but also on other iBeacon or Eddystone beacons, NFC Tags, QR Codes, and RFID readers, and deploy content via mobile phone and tablet apps, physical web, digital coupons, or ScreenSmarts-enabled digital displays.


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Mobile Coupon Factory operates as an online agency. Through Mobile Coupon Factory, Wellington can support you in the design, development, and deployment of integrated mobile marketing solutions.

We can help you to offer mobile coupons like scratch promotional coupons, loyalty and store cards, wallet passes and stamp cards. These go well beyond traditional digital coupons, as they include promotional mechanics, analytics, and re-marketing tags; and fully integrate with most marketing automation platforms, mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Wallet etc) and point of sale systems. Coupons give customers the fun of promotional games and then pass the validated prize value and consumer details directly into the store’s payment system.

Mobile Coupon Factory can enable coupon distribution via various digital means including SMS, social media, email, newsletters, PDFs and in-store via WiFi, QR Codes, NFC, and Beacons. Mobile Coupon Factory has also developed coupons that integrate with online stores.


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Smart billboard

ScreenSmarts integrates with Digital Media Screens to silently detect the presence of your customers and interrupt normal sign content programming to display personalised contextual offers or information. 

ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content to a user’s smartphone and the digital display screen, maximising the effect of both screens. Imagine a customer being presented an offer on the large format Digital Sign and simultaneously receiving the unique redemption bar code on their smartphone. ScreenSmarts can also connect Digital Signs and smartphones, effectively turning any smartphone into a real-time remote control. 

ScreenSmarts connects to your existing CRM and analytics systems. Our iPX platform can remotely manage thousands of ScreenSmarts installations.


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