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SCS Connect Controller

The SCS™ range is a family of intelligent electronic thermostats and energy management devices (EMDs) for commercial refrigeration systems. They feature advanced refrigeration control capability, a user friendly interface, and the ability to connect to Wellington’s revolutionary SCS Connect System online fleet management software.

SCS controllers are ideal for open front or closed front bottle coolers and display cases. They fit the standard 71x29mm mounting hole, and feature up to 4 relays and 5 analog or digital inputs, so they can replace most existing electronic thermostats, energy management devices (EMDs) or controllers. They can also act as case controllers for remote display cabinets, heated display cabinets, or fountain systems. 

 Get Connected

SCS Connect model controllers are equipped with Bluetooth Smart® capability, enabling them to connect to Wellington’s SCS Connect System suite of desktop and mobile cooler fleet management software. SCS Connect System has extensive cooler and fleet management capability, including asset tracking, sales statistics gathering, HACCP data logging, smart maintenance and diagnostics.

SCS Connect controllers also feature iBeacon® capability for in-store marketing. Unlike off-the-shelf iBeacons, our built-in beacons have no batteries to run down, will not go missing, and can interact with the customer via the cooler itself.

You can learn more about iBeacon  here and about Wellington's solutions for in-store digital marketing here.

SCS Telemetry

 Save Energy in the Real World

Our multi-stage automatic standby mode maximises your ability to save energy. Temperature, light levels for multiple zones, and fans can be independently controlled.

We have also made it easy to optimise refrigeration efficiency, with continuously variable fan speeds (when used with ECR motors), dimmable lighting, and a large range of easy to adjust control parameters.

With the SCS Connect System, real world energy savings can be monitored and cooler behaviour can be optimised to suit specific store needs. Real world energy saving can be easily shown to store owners, due to the SCS controller’s built in power measurement capability.


SCS Automatic Standby

 Say Goodbye to Cryptic Codes

SCS Field app on Smartphone

Wellington’s smartphone-based programming interfaces make SCS controllers incredibly easy to use. SCS controllers can be configured either on the laboratory bench, in the factory, or while installed and running. Configuration can be either from pre-saved files or as-you-go. The user-friendly smartphone interface means goodbye to cryptic codes and hello to diagrams, plain language descriptions with multi-language support and online help.

Fault finding is also easy, with the ability to read fault codes and operating history on the phone, and directly control outputs.

SCS firmware can also be upgraded while the controller is installed, allowing easy access to future software features and capabilities.

Built to Last

SCS controllers are designed to survive the difficulties of commercial environments, and to help other components survive also. They are exceptionally water resistant, due to the single-piece housing, the contactless programming interface, and the double-sealed rear cover. The electronics are protected against humidity, meaning the controller can be mounted inside or outside the control space. All relays are either solid state or have zero current switching capability, giving operating life of over 1 million cycles*.

The SCS controller protects the compressor against undervoltage and overvoltage, and its current measurement capability enables it to sense component failures before they damage other parts.

*With typical compressor

SCS in water

Match Your Brand

Match Your Brand

The appearance of SCS controllers can be easily customised on installation, due to the clip-on front panel and adhesive touchpad overlay. With a 3-channel LED dimmer, cabinet lighting can be set up just the way you want it, including colour, multi-zone, and dynamic changes.

Custom algorithms and parameters are also available to OEMs. Because of the large amount of i/o and powerful 32 bit microprocessor, SCS controllers are capable of controlling non-standard components and running sophisticated control strategies.

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