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The power of our Connect IoT ecosystem will generate increased value for your business

Our ecosystem of hardware, IoT applications, and Cloud services not only puts you in control of refrigeration and freezer fleets, but delivers significant cost reductions, service, and sales efficiency.

Global carbonated soft drink, beer, food, and frozen product manufacturers and distributers choose Wellington our Connect™ IoT ecosystem. We invented IoT for refrigeration and have 1.2 million assets under management. We invite you to discover how our Connect ecosystem can add to your bottom line.

You may be looking to lower costs and make your coolers more efficient with real-time access to asset location, maintenance data, sales performance, or enhance customer experience with proximity marketing solutions. Whatever your needs, our Connect IoT systems can boost your business in new and exciting ways.

See how the world’s most powerful IoT ecosystem for commercial refrigeration delivers valuable insights

Connect SCS

Connect SCS

The Connect™ SCS controller is an intelligent electronic thermostat and energy management device (EMD) for commercial refrigeration systems. It is ideal for open-front or closed-front bottler coolers and display cases and can replace most existing electronic thermostats, EMDs or controllers. Use cases include:

  • asset tracking, offering management over your cooler locations;
  • reducing costs through preventive maintenance, better planning, reduced training and faster, more effective, callouts;
  • optimisation of refrigeration efficiency, with continuously variable fan speeds (when used with ECR motors);
  • tracking real-world energy savings in-store with the controller’s built-in power measurement capability;
  • great water resistance due to the single-piece housing, contactless programming interface, and the double-sealed rear cover;
  • also features iBeacon capability for retail marketing, allowing instant engagement with consumers.
Track app

Connect Track

The Connect™ Track app is a leading SCS solution, allowing you to track your fleet via your mobile to see which coolers have not been tracked recently, so you can check whether they are still there or not. To find out more about Connect Track fleet management, contact us.

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Connect Monitor

Connect Monitor

A battery-powered, easily retrofittable refrigeration and freezer monitoring sensor with marketing beacons. The Connect™ Monitor is compatible with all our Connect tracking apps and Connect products, such as Connect™ Network and Connect SCS. Use cases include:

  • retrofit your non-connected cooler fleet to improve operational efficiency;
  • verify product safety by using in cold rooms, walk-in freezers and fridges;
  • ensure proper temperatures anywhere by adding to portable refrigeration units;
  • lower your costs, save time, and eliminate human errors by automating your HACCP monitoring and reporting;
  • monitor product quality by adding to food-service cooled cabinets and equipment;
  • seamless, automated asset tracking of any cooled or ambient equipment;
  • ensure proper performance by including in temporary cold storage devices at events.
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Connect Network

An “always-on” IoT network hub utilizing Wi-Fi or cellular communications. The Connect Network allows data captured by the Connect IoT product range (SCS, Monitor, Click) to be transmitted in real-time to the Connect Cloud for analysis and reporting. Provides real-time monitoring, alarms and alerts for management of critical food temperature and equipment uptime.

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Find out more about Connect Network by contacting us.

Field app

Connect Field

Manage old and new coolers within your fleet with the Connect™ Field app. Records the following:

  • cooler temperatures;
  • door swings;
  • motion events;
  • diagnostic events output from the EMS controller.

Find out more about Connect Field by contacting us.

Retail app

Connect Retailer

Connect™ Retailer app gives some control of their in-store coolers to the retailer. It allows the retailer to set their cooler temperature, status and set up their store hours, so the cooler will switch to economy mode outside of trading hours. Shows near real-time tracking of your cooler, without your team having to visit the store.

Find out more about Connect Retailer by contacting us.

Sales insights

Connect Insight

Improve overall productivity through valuable analysis of system data with Connect™ Insight. Measure foot traffic, rate of sale, and asset utilization, which will help determine how much to invest in each store.

Find out more about Connect Insight by contacting us.


Connect Cloud

Where all the automated insights from the cooler are generated. Connect Cloud provides actionable insights at fleet, regional and local levels.

  • Fleet level – compiles data regarding products, including amounts, size, manufacturers, and timeframes.
  • Regional level – allows managers to compare performance of their reporting areas, with a focus on low performers.
  • Local level – allows first-line managers to identify problems with individual coolers in outlets so corrective action can be taken.

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Connect Beacon

Beacon technology lets you interact with your customers where it matters most, right at their point of decision. Connect™ Beacon is a standalone “place-anywhere” marketing device, which allows proximity marketing to influence customers at any location. This allows marketers to drive sales and customer loyalty with proximity-based marketing from Connect™ Marketing Cloud.

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iProximity iPX platform

Connect Marketing Cloud (iPX)

The engine room, providing targeted customer engagement marketing, as well as analysing their behaviour. Connect™ Marketing Cloud can be implemented via your cooler or ambient rack or deployed via connect battery beacons.

  • Transform your coolers and ambient displays into proximity marketing tools via the Connect Marketing Cloud to influence consumers at the point of sale.
  • Enable your retailers to scan and validate coupons—anywhere, anytime.
  • Create and deploy interactive coupons, stamp cards, and promotions.
  • Can interact with any smartphone, with or without apps, via Bluetooth.
  • Manages your data on the cloud.

Find out more about Connect Marketing Cloud by contacting us.

Find out more about how our Connect IoT solutions can help get your business to the future, today.