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Profitable outcomes from location data

iProximity combines the latest location-based hardware, smartphones, and our powerful cloud platform to deliver innovative customer engagement solutions.

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Sense when people are at a critical decision point location. Use customer engagement marketing to approach them with the perfect message at the perfect time.


Set up spaces to detect people and things. Use interactive proximity marketing campaigns to gather insights or automatically trigger actions from the data.


Sense the location of assets directly or locate via crowdsourced methods. Better understand the interaction of people with things.

Key solutions

Beverage and snacks

Combined with Wellington’s experience in commercial refrigeration, many of our customers have coolers and display assets in hundreds of thousands of locations. Learn how we can activate each of these locations to engage your consumers, retail staff and your visiting representatives.

Beverages in smart coolers

Restaurants and retail

It is now critical to sense your space and detect the people and things inside it. Read about our tools for understanding your space and engaging those within it.

Innovation solutions

We design, build, install, and monitor bespoke customer engagement service solutions to help you drive profitable outcomes for a location. Click for examples.

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Ad agencies

White labelled, self-managed proximity marketing platform and services. Find out more.

Powered by the iPX


The iPX™ is a powerful cloud-based platform that:

  • remotely manages spaces and devices including Q-Tags, QR codes and Beacons;
  • allows you to create and manage campaigns on individual, or grouped spaces and devices;
  • gather insights from spaces and devices then automatically engage with people or take action with devices.

Learn more about the powerful iPX platform.

Connect Q-Tag

The Connect™ Q-Tag is a revolutionary device that simply enables contactless communications; but this simplicity hides many powerful features and benefits. The Q-Tag is a proven, powerful means of contextually engaging with audiences and tracking assets.

The deployable tag is highly customizable, allowing it to be designed for your precise requirements. Connect Q-Tag can be fitted to virtually anything, including coolers, freezers, display racks, point of sale material, carboard displays, countertops, beer taps, soda fountains, or directly on to assets to be tracked. The Q-Tag has no battery and is particularly designed to be deployed once and then completely managed from the cloud.

Each Q-Tag includes a unique QR code and NFC chip, which can be scanned or tapped by any customer with a capable smartphone for instant point-of-sale consumer engagement without the need to download an app.

The combination of the QR code and NFC chip within a Q-Tag means it will have technology relevance for many years to come, making it perfect for a long-term deployment. For shorter term deployments, or when directly printing on to packaging or point-of-sale material, a Connect™ QR code may be a better choice.

The Connect Q-Tag and Connect QR code are managed by the iProximity iPX™ cloud platform, and this provides many features not usually found on QR platforms. Some of these include:

  • dynamic content management – change the content delivered through the cloud;
  • dynamic audience management – deliver the correct content to audience;
  • multiple audience content – manage multiple audiences, each receiving different content;
  • real time location determination – to either track location or serve proximity-based content;
  • ScreenSmarts integration – allows the control and interaction with digital signage;
  • real-time statistics and insights;
  • data integration to the Connect™ Cloud (so all assets can be managed from the cloud)
  • managing Beacons on the Connect™ IoT devices (Connect™ SCS / Monitor / Click)



ScreenSmarts integrates with your existing digital media screens to silently detect the presence of your consumers and interrupt normal sign content programming to display personalized contextual offers or information.

ScreenSmarts connects a digital screen and a smartphone, effectively turning any smartphone into a real-time remote control.

ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content to a user’s smartphone and the digital display screen, maximizing the effect of both screens. Imagine a consumer being presented an offer on the large format digital sign and simultaneously receiving the unique redemption bar code on their smartphone.


  • Change the advertisement on digital signage to correspond to the customer’s preferences without the consumer touching their smartphone.
  • Greet consumers with personalized messages while notifying staff of their arrival.
  • Change a message as the consumer gets closer to the screen.
  • Recognize and guide a consumer with a click and collect order to the pick up point.
  • Suggest related products that match previous purchases.
  • Consumers use their smartphone to scan product labels and have immersive product information displayed on the digital sign.
  • Let consumers choose the information shown on a digital display screen from their phone.

Find out more about how iProximity can help get your business to the future, today.