ECR motors

The business environment has prompted many companies to find innovative ways to save money, streamline supply chains, boost reliability, and improve their end products.

ECR® motors help your bottom line, as they reduce the active SKUs that your operation requires by as much as 57:1. They are proven to be up to 99.97% reliable in the field, saving warranty costs, and their dual voltage capability means that one motor works anywhere in the world. At only 36.5 dBA, they are among the quietest motors in the industry too. Whether you’re looking for condenser fan motors or evaporator fan motors, there will be an ECR motor to fit the application you have in mind.

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ECR 2 SKU reduction, save money, 99.97% reliable

ECR 2 is the refrigerator motor to select if you need low noise, high efficiency, and high reliability.

  • Up to 4.5dBA quieter than competing commercial refrigeration fan motors.
  • Universal input voltage and frequency allows maximum supply chain flexibility.
  • Integrate advanced variable speed and reversing strategies, while maintaining a reasonable cost.
  • Designed to handle the most severe refrigeration applications.
  • Features IP67 environmental protection.
  • Over-temperature “foldback” capability, which maintains airflow even in extreme conditions.
  • Features EMC protection to double the IEC industrial specification.
  • Suitable for use with most axial fans from 125-220mm (5″- 8.75″).
  • ATEX compliant, and suitable for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants.
  • Optional materials compatible with US and European food contact regulations, giving increased flexibility in foodservice applications.
ECR1 image

ECR 1 Maximum power
or speed

ECR 1 is the motor to select if you need maximum power or speed (up to 25 W and 2300 RPM), with a good level of performance and flexibility.

  • A proven solution for plug-in and remote applications, with over two million ECR motors in the field and growing.
  • Suitable for use with most axial fans from 172-254mm (7″-10″).
  • Can also be supplied in long-shaft versions for agitator applications.
  • Available in both ATEX and “hydrocarbon compatible”* versions.

*certified to IEC60335-2-89 Annex BB

ECR 82/92
ECR82/92 image

ECR 82/92 Simple, reliable
and low cost

ECR 82 (230V) and ECR 92 (115V) are ideal motors to choose if you want a simple, reliable, low-cost EC motor, and can compromise slightly on noise and efficiency.

  • These models are “synchronous motors,” meaning they only run at a fixed speed related to the input voltage frequency; 1500 RPM for 50 Hz supplies, or 1800 RPM for 60 Hz.
  • Suitable for use with most axial fans from 150-220mm (6″-8.75″).
  • Available in both ATEX and “hydrocarbon compatible” * versions.

*certified to IEC60335-2-89 Annex BB

Choose the right motor for you

For help selecting the right ECR motor for your application, see the table and descriptions below, or to find out more about EC motors and their benefits in general, see our EC Motors FAQ.

  ECR2 ECR1 ECR82/92
Speed 300-1800 700-2300 1500/1800
Maximum output power 13W 25W 16W
Efficiency 70% 60% 55%
Low noise ^^^ ^^ ^
Low cost ^^ ^^ ^^^
Multi speed and reversible 3 speed 2 speed N
Variable speed 300-1800 700-2300 N
Customer programmable Y N N
Dual voltage Y N N
Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz 50 or 60Hz
Ingress protection IP67 IP55 IP55
Hydrocarbon refrigerant approved Standard Standard Standard
ATEX compliance Standard Optional Optional
Food grade materials Optional N N
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