Supermarket and Grocery Refrigeration

Supermarket and Grocery Refrigeration


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Refrigeration accounts for up to half of the electricity use in a typical supermarket. Because of the risk of product damage, reliability and performance are critical.

Wellington has solutions which can help OEMs and supermarket chains reduce electricity usage, simplify their systems, and enhance reliability. Our ECR® series fan motors are efficient and quiet, offer long life and smart features not seen elsewhere. Our SCSTM refrigeration controls provide variable control and telemetry features to plug-in and remote cases. Our fan solutions are easy to use, quiet, and robust.

High efficiency EC Motors save electricity

A "typical" supermarket has as many as 400 evaporator fan motors in refrigerators and freezers which run 100% of the time, even when the store is closed. The efficiency of the "shaded pole" AC motors usually used for this application is 15-25%. This means for every Watt used to generate airflow, another 4-5 Watts are wasted as heat. Subsequently even more power must be wasted to remove that heat from the cold space.

Changing remote or integral (plug-in) display cases to use ECR motors, with efficiency up to 70%, reduces power by over two thirds. This leads to a cost saving of $45 or more, per motor per year (based on a power cost of $0.11/kWh). Payback can be measured in months and ECR motors are tested to a design life of over 10 years, so replacement costs can be reduced too.

ECR Cost Saving

Quiet airflow solutions improve customer satisfaction 

Low noise is critical for supermarket refrigeration systems. Multiple fans used by large rows of cabinets can cause noise levels to be intrusive, driving customers away. To combat this problem low noise fans and motors are needed, and Wellington offers some of the quietest air movement solutions available.

Our patented biomimetic fan designs cut air noise, while our ECR2 fan motor uses a three phase sine wave drive usually only seen in high-performance industrial motors, to give incredibly low levels of motor-induced noise and vibration; as much as 4.5dBA less than other EC motors.

The variable speed capability, and easy field programmability, of our motors means that fan speed can be tuned to give the least possible noise in a particular installation. When combined with our SCS refrigeration controls, motor speed can even be varied in real time.

Quiet supermarket

Variable airflow control improves performance and flexibility

Airflow in supermarket display cabinets must be closely controlled to protect the valuable perishable goods - particularly in open-deck cabinets, where airflow variations can disturb the air curtain, leading to wasted power and spoilage. 

However, the best amount of airflow is not always the same. Different cabinets encounter different environmental conditions, and even within a single cabinet, airflow needs will change with load, door state, night curtains, temperature, icing, and many other variables. Until now, almost all supermarket cabinets have ignored this opportunity.

Now Wellington offers the chance to improve performance with Smart Airflow Management. Our ECR motors can be programmed in place, allowing individual cabinets to be tuned once installed, and our SCS refrigeration controller can control fan speeds in real time. Wellington's speed control system works over mains voltage, meaning no additional low voltage connectors or wiring harnesses are needed. We also work with OEMs to enable their own (or third party) control systems to use ECR speed control.

Programming Fan Pack

Fan assemblies cut manufacturing costs

For OEMs who want to avoid the labour cost, space requirement, and logistical complexity of assembling motors, fans, and baskets,Wellington's ECF fanpacks are the perfect solution.

Their integrated design means they are more efficient and quieter than off-the-shelf fans and baskets. They are made from high-specification impact-toughened polymers, so the risk of bending metal blades is eliminated, and they can be used in all temperatures from freezer evaporators to condensers. With easy speed programmability, the need for multiple fan pitches is also eliminated.

Installed Fan Pack

Built-in iBeacons help you connect with customers

Retailers and restaurants are increasingly using digital marketing to enhance sales, and proximity-based marketing is the "next big thing" in digital marketing. To make location based marketing easy, Wellington offers an end to end solution.

Our SCS refrigeration controls have built-in iBeacon®  and Eddystone® beacons, and unlike conventional beacon "buttons", it can never get lost or stolen, and there is no battery to go flat. Our iPX™ campaign management platform lets you create and monitor proximity marketing campaigns. Our Mobile Coupon Factory team can work with you to create your own smart coupon campaigns and redemption solutions. And our ScreenSmarts package links proximity to digital media screens. 

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SCS Connect iBeacon

Telemetry enhances maintenance

Data based decision making is increasingly important in today's world. For supermarkets without a centralised control system, or for cases not connected to that system, SCS Connect System's telemetry and data analysis capability can help schedule and predict maintenance needs, and give you the peace of mind of HACCP temperature logging.

Telemetry enhances maintenance

Our low cost, robust solutions suit developing markets

Retail in the developing world has its own special needs. Rugged, low cost solutions that handle the most important functions, without the complexity and cost of systems designed for developed markets.

Wellington has a strong presence in developing markets such as Latin America, and understands their needs well. We offer simple solutions which give developing world retail operators a first step into energy efficiency and store management systems.

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