What we do

What we do


Wellington designs, manufactures, and sells electronically controlled (EC) motors, smart refrigeration controls, and cloud based fleet management and digital marketing solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry. Our primary customers are food and beverage retail brands, and refrigeration cabinet manufacturers worldwide.

EC Motors

Electronically Controlled (or EC) motors are electric motors where the magnetic fields which power the motor are controlled by an electronic control system. This results in higher efficiency, lower temperatures, and much better control than conventional electric motors.

EC Motors have been in use in high performance applications such as aerospace and machine control for decades; however with falling electronics costs they have become cost-effective for general industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Wellington has been in the forefront of commercialising EC motors for mass market applications. We have been designing them for almost 30 years and manufacturing them in volume for over a decade.


EC Motors

Electronic Control Systems

Electronic Control Systems

Wellington are market leaders in power electronics and real-time control. Our history as a technology development company means we have experience developing control systems for a wide range of appliances, and we understand very well the requirements of real world commercial applications.

Our team are experts in balancing the need for reliability, ease of use, and performance against the cost constraints of high volume commercial applications.

Our motor controllers and refrigeration controllers feature advanced software, flexible programmability, and long life solid state switching.

IoT Solutions

The "Internet of Things" (IoT) refers to the rapidly-growing network of everyday devices connected via the internet to "Big Data" management and information processing systems.  Wellington have been in the forefront of developing IoT technology for the commercial refrigeration industry. 

Wellington's IoT solutions include systems for managing and optimising the operation of commercial refrigeration fleets, and for engaging with and marketing to the consumers who buy products from those fleets.

Our capability encompasses designing and building the "things" themselves, the telemetry and data transport solutions, the cloud-based back end systems which collect the massive amount of data generated and turn it into useful management information, and the desktop and mobile apps by which users and consumers interact with the system.


Internet of Things

Research and Development

Wellington Engineer

Customers are at the core of our research and development efforts. Our multidisciplinary R&D team, based at our Global HQ in New Zealand, travel frequently to work with OEMs and end users. We also have expert applications engineers in all our regional offices, able to solve your problems and anticipate your needs.

Our team includes hardware, software, mechatronic, refrigeration, and manufacturing engineers. Our combination of motor expertise, control systems expertise, and refrigeration expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Our R&D facility is equipped with psychrometric and environmental chambers, airflow test chambers, dynamometers, electromagnetic testing facilities, and a fully equipped toolroom and electronics manufacturing facility.


Our products are manufactured by partners in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. All our factories are ISO9001 certified. Wellington closely supervises process control and quality in these facilities, and maintains direct relationships with key component suppliers.

Manufacturing Facility

 Quality and Reliability

Frozen ECR motor

Wellington takes quality and reliability seriously. We know that refrigeration systems must work, and continue to work, often in difficult conditions. We test our products thoroughly, both during development and while in production, and we stand behind them.

All Wellington products are tested at extreme levels of abuse during development, and validated using accelerated life testing. We also conduct continuous production sampling and testing to ensure that products continue to perform the way they are intended to.