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A Message from our CEO

Wellington's CEO Greg Allen

At Wellington our passion is developing great refrigeration products that make our customers’ products better.

 Our brand promise of Personal Service, Smart Solutions, Reliable Performance, and Relentless Improvement in everything we do is something we take seriously: we build these attributes into all the work we do for customers.

 We work tirelessly to ensure we deliver solutions that solve commercial refrigeration energy efficiency and system control problems, through the development of Advanced Electronic Fan Motors and Connected Refrigeration Controls. 

 Our Cloud connected controls deliver the ‘Thing’ in ‘Internet of Things’ for the commercial refrigeration market - with our fleet management software system providing the data that our customers need to improve the effectiveness of their cooler fleet and improve their point of sale performance.

 I am proud of the journey the Wellington team has been on over the last few years, taking our company through a financial turnaround, innovating with new ‘customer focused’ products and dramatically improving results.

What’s next for the Wellington business? A continued focus on developing amazing products that help reduce the energy consumption and improve the reliability of commercial coolers; connect cooling equipment to the ‘cloud’ so food and beverage retail brands get the information they need from their cooler fleet; and feature ‘connectivity based services' that help those same brands deliver growth in their markets. 

Greg Allen

Our Mission

Wellington’s mission is to deliver solutions to solve its customers’ commercial refrigeration energy efficiency and system control problems, through the development of Advanced Electronic Motors, Airflow Solutions and Intelligent Refrigeration Controllers.

Personal service, reliable products, smart solutions and relentless pursuit of excellence will ensure Wellington leads the competition and builds a world class company.

Our environment

Our Brand Promise

Guiding our path

What makes us unique?

We are:

PERSONAL – Small, specialised, and focussed; not a large faceless and diversified monolith. Deal with real people who know you, value you, and know your industry.

SMART – Technology leaders with an engineering team that's among the best in the industry. We understand the end products our motors work within, better than probably any other motor manufacturer. Rely on Wellington to enable your ideas and solve your problems.

RELIABLE – Our products work and keep working. We stand behind them and provide premium support. We do what we say, when we say.

RELENTLESS – Where others fail, we don’t give up. Once our team has set a goal, we persevere until the desired result is achieved.